A day before leaving for Europe, my brother-in-law decides that he wants to throw a surprise baby shower for my sister after months of insisting that they do not want one. What was my mood like upon hearing that news? NOT GREAT. Why? Because in reality, I only have 2 days to plan this. But what is a sister to do? Suck it up and bull doze through! When I first heard about the venue, I knew it would not be an ideal location for a baby shower, however with bits of decor here and there, I know we will be able to transform the space. My other sister Anna, wanted to create a dessert table that would be fun for both the adults and children. Props to her for choosing all the right jars and candies! She also reached about to Mahalo Bakery in NYC for this gorgeous ombre cake with pineapple, guava filling with cream cheese frosting. Guests were raving about the cake and its taste. Another hot topic were the customized macarons! For some reason, Cindy loves the character rilakkuma so I thought it would be a great way to blend her two favorite things together on the desert table. 

Once she peeped her head into the room, we all shouted "surprise"! and to our surprise, she teared up! She was overwhelmed by the love she was showered with and was very grateful to her friends and family. I cannot wait to meet my niece! Less than a month to go! 

Event Design/Signage: Sweetvenia Designs

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